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Introducing our Thin Bone Spacers, the ultimate accessory for every jewelry designer seeking elegance, versatility, and craftsmanship in their creations. Available in three distinctive styles - 3 hole, 4 hole, and 5 hole - our Thin Bone Spacers are designed with traditional aspects in mind.

Key Features:

Multiple Hole Configurations: Choose from our selection of 3 hole, 4 hole, or 5 hole spacers to accommodate your specific jewelry-making needs. These variations empower you to experiment with various designs and arrangements.

Unlimited Creative Possibilities: The Thin Bone Spacers provide a canvas for your imagination to flourish. Create intricate patterns, add texture, and achieve a polished finish with ease, making your jewelry stand out from the rest.

Durability Meets Aesthetics: We take pride in the quality of our spacers. Despite their delicate appearance, they are engineered for durability, ensuring your creations remain as stunning as the day you crafted them.

Natural Beauty: Made from genuine bone, these spacers lend a touch of natural beauty to your jewelry pieces, making them perfect for those who appreciate organic aesthetics.

User-Friendly Design: Suitable for all levels of expertise, from beginners to seasoned artisans, our Thin Bone Spacers are user-friendly and inspire confidence in your jewelry-making skills.

Mix and Match Magic: Combine these spacers with other beads, gemstones, or materials to unlock a world of creative possibilities. Craft bespoke jewelry that reflects your unique style and vision.

Elevate your jewelry designs to new heights with our Thin Bone Spacers. Whether you're crafting for personal enjoyment or creating unique pieces for your customers, these spacers will quickly become a cherished component of your jewelry-making toolbox. Experience the fusion of timeless beauty and contemporary design with our Thin Bone Spacers and watch as your creations capture hearts and attention. Unleash your creativity and make a statement with jewelry that radiates sophistication and artistry.

These are beautifully finished. I haven’t used them to make anything yet, but they’ll be perfect. They were made with definite attention to detail.

I have very little Indian blood. But my heart seems to love the Indian ways. I loved all of the stuff I ordered. And knowing you are a native community, I will be ordering thru you guys as I need. I'm trying to make a replica chieftain headdress so if you have any good ideas or books please please e-mail me at-- vfoster4149@gmail.com Thanks in advance

these are perfect for my project

As always perfect. Thank you for your product.

Actually got this product on time.

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