John James Needles- English Sharps - Size 12 (25 Needles per package)


Introducing the John James English Sharps Size 12 Needle - a needlecraft essential for every discerning creator. Crafted with precision and care, these needles are designed to deliver unparalleled performance in your stitching projects. The Size 12 Sharps Needle boasts a fine, sharp point, making it ideal for delicate work and intricate details. Made from premium quality steel, these needles are durable and designed to last.

Elevate your needlework experience with the John James English Sharps Size 12 Needle - the perfect companion for achieving professional-grade results. Add this indispensable tool to your collection and experience the difference in every stitch.

Key Features:

Size: 12
Quantity: 25 needles per package
Fine, sharp point for precision work
Premium quality steel for durability
Versatile for various needlecraft projects

Upgrade your needle game today with John James English Sharps Size 12 Needle.

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