Delica Starter Beading Kit / Delica Beads / Red / White / Green / Yellow / Black / Blue / 4 Needles / S-Lon or Nymo Thread / Beeswax


Introducing our Starter Delica Beading Kit - Your Gateway to Creative Excellence!

Unleash your inner artisan with our comprehensive Starter Delica Beading Kit, curated to ignite your passion for intricate beadwork. This thoughtfully assembled kit includes everything you need to embark on your beading journey, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable crafting experience.

Key Components:

Size 12 Beading Needles:

Designed for precision and ease of use, our high-quality, size 12 beading needles are crafted to effortlessly thread even the tiniest of beads. Their slender form allows for intricate detailing, making them an essential tool in your beading arsenal.

S-Lon Beading Thread:

Elevate your beadwork with our premium S-Lon beading thread. Renowned for its durability and strength, this versatile thread ensures your creations stand the test of time. Its smooth texture allows for smooth weaving, making it ideal for intricate designs.


A natural, time-honored tool for beaders, our pure beeswax adds a touch of tradition to your crafting experience. Its waxy coating provides a smooth glide for your thread, reducing friction and preventing tangling, ultimately enhancing your workflow.
(6) 9 Gram Tubes of Delica Beads:

Dive into a kaleidoscope of color and texture with our meticulously selected assortment of Delica beads. Each tube contains approximately 9 grams of these precisely cut, cylindrical beads. Their uniform shape and size ensure a seamless fit, allowing you to create intricate patterns and designs with precision.

Whether you're a seasoned beader or just starting out, our Starter Delica Beading Kit is designed to cater to all skill levels. Let your creativity flow and bring your visions to life with this meticulously curated set of beading essentials.

Unleash your creativity today and elevate your beadwork to new heights with our Starter Delica Beading Kit. Order yours now and let the crafting adventure begin!

The surge in demand for white Nymo thread size D, a popular choice among artisans and crafters, has outpaced the available supply, creating a scarcity in the market. This heightened demand, coupled with potential disruptions in the production or distribution chain, has led to challenges in obtaining this specific thread variant. We have substituted Nymo thread for S-Lon thread made by BeadSmith. This thread is comparable if not superior in quality to Nymo thread.

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